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These were generated in pixray,
@ the web interface at

  • I used GPT-3 AI to generate tags for each artist
  • Clicking any image will reveal the tags
  • Clicking tags in the lightbox will trigger a search
  • Clicking tags in the search view will copy the prompt to clipboard
  • "Landscape" images were generated with the tags included in the prompt
  • "Volcano" images were generated with the artist name as the only modifier
  • Use the slider below to pick between the two modes.

Batch runs were done in this Colab Notebook mod.

wikiart_16384 / ViT-B/16:

prompts: ["Volcano, by artist"] OR ["Landscape, by artist, tags]
quality: draft
size: [400,400]
drawer: vqgan
vqgan_model: wikiart_16384
iterations: 100

Landscape studies just started today, should be finished rendering in next day or so.